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Mobile Marketing
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  • newHow to conduct QR code shopping using MobiBizs?
    The application of QR code can be very board. If you want to start your QR business, first you can choose payment method such as online credit card or Third-Party-Payment. After setting up your mobile payment service, you can use QR to let customer buying your product at any time....

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Mobile FAQ
  • Q: Why do I need a mobile website ?
    A: In order to provide mobile customer with better user experience which might transfer into orders. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time on App developement, mobile website can also allow your customers shop at your store anytime. No any technology background is needed, all the system maintenance job will be done by us. You can update your mobile website simply using our user-friendly backsite and manage customers’ orders. By combining “Click-to-call” function, customers can call you directly and conveniently.

  • Q: How to market my mobile website?
    A: It’s basicly same with PC website, or maybe more diverse. Besides SEO and PPC, you also can make use of QRCode, social media, mobile ads, SMS, or local SEO.

  • Q: Should I choose mobile website or App?
    A: If your demand functions are included in our mobile website, then it’s unnecessary to choose App. Our mobile website provide all the basic functions that e-commerse will need such us About us, Contact us, Product disply, Shopping cart, etc. Furthermore, there is no cross-platform or system problems, and you don’t have to persuade customers into downloading your App to their devices.

  • Q: Why do I need a mobile website if I want to export my service?
    A: Because there are more than 75% of consumers shop by mobile devices and the rate continue to rise. Providing customers with convenient shopping process and payment method will lead your sotre to their hands and allow them to buy your product at anytime.

  • Q: What are the advantages of using Mobibizs ?
    A: Create your website in three steps. Low cost, high efficiency, saving time and effort of website maintaining. Provide QRCode which make ustomer can scan and connect to the website. Customers’ need can be satisfied in time and they will love your website.

  • Q: How to use QRCodes on M-commerce ?
    A: Use Mobibizs, you can have a QRCode of your mobile website. You can print it on the business card, poster, Print Ad...and so on. When your customers see your commercials, they can contact you or buy the product instantly by scaning your QRCode. It’s really fast and convenient!

  • Q: How to apply for a PayPal account?
    A:You can start it with PayPal official website. Click the [Sign up] button, and choose the type based on your business scope (Personal,Premier or Business). You can apply it with your Email address. According to your turnover per month, the fees will be about 2.9% to 3.5%.