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Master the Internet marketing trends, social marketing can ‘t be ignored

7 trends of social network marketing that makes you successful in 2014

The evolution of technology becomes faster and faster every year in this age while the Internet is prevailing. In 2013, there is a rise of new-launched mobile products, especially in the latter-half year. That makes us can’t wait to see the mobile marketing trends and future development for 2014.All business owners must be very concerned about this future market, no matter in the thriving social media, or mobile advertising

Here are 7 social marketing trends predicted by industrial observer that will dominate 2014.

1. Investment in social media will become essential, not optional
Many business owners have already realized that the social media practice must be integrated with the content strategies, and be evaluating the impact from aspect of creating leads, referring traffic and getting revenue. Business owners will start to assign social media tasks to existing employee, and hire more social media strategists and managers.

2. Google+ will become a major social media
Although Facebook is claiming the highest number of monthly users (1.15 billion from latest data), Google+ is quickly developing theirs (343 million users by now). Businesses fell behind in deploying social media will turn to Google+ for more diverse social media services.

3. Image-Centric Networks is booming
Sharing photos and videos has been very popular in 2013, and those visual content will continually become an important part of businesses’ content strategy. Image-centric social website “Pinterest” will get rid of its image as "female only" and become an indispensable part of retailers’ marketing strategies.

4. Micro-film will be a big hit。
Sharing functions of micro-film apps like Twitter’s Vine and Instagram is emerging, indicating that sharing real-time video has already become a trend. Users are even more likely to create and share videos from their smartphones.

5. Foursquare Will Decline Sharply
Foursquare which majors in location-based service will face problem about traffic declining and fund raising worsening as other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offering diverse location-based features.

6. Myspace will grow
With their radical makeover and re-branding efforts in 2013, MySpace appears to be getting its second wind. It will be helpful to attract user as it is offering iPhone users with app that can connect to network and sent messages.

7.LinkedIn will play main role in B2B
With 238 million users, LinkedIn holds steady number 1 of professional social networking site and keeps launching new features like Influencer. LinkedIn not only positions itself as a social networking site, but also sets the goal to become the biggest content creation and professional curatorial (curation) source.


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