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Use your mobile to scan and pay! QR Code shopping is taking off.

Almost everyone has smart phone now, giving the mobile shopping market a promising future.

If we can make purchase simply by using mobile phone to scan something, then we don’t have to bring so many cards and coins with us. We don’t even have to go the specific place to complete your shopping. Although mobile NFC is still at the stage of testing, QR Code shopping has already hit the road!

Chunghwa Telecom launched mobile payment App "QR Cost" in cooperation with E. Sun Bank, Cathay United Bank, Cosmos Bank, China Trust, Yuanta Bank, Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Cooperative Bank and Taishin Bank on 10th. Consumer can conduct the payment through the internet simply by using mobile phone to scan product’s QR code.

There are only three steps for using QR Code to shop: 1) Open, 2) Scan, 3) Pay.

  1. Open, open the “OR Cost” APP in your mobile phone.
  2. Scan, scan the OR code of the product.
  3. Pay, choose the credit card you want to use. Then you can complete a simple transaction.

Depends on different product or buying process, user may need to enter some order data such as recipient’s name, address, ID number and so on. Or they can sign up for store’s membership first, and log in while they use “QR Code” to pay.

QR code can be shown on many places, including DM, webpage, product itself, or any plane.